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The Lamborghini Elemento

sfA pure masterpiece in design and a supercar that has been taking it to the extreme. “Sesto Elemento” means “the six element” and refers to the atomic number if carbon, due to the significant amount of carbon in the production of this vehicle.

When it comes to the design the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento is truly one of its kind. The all wheel drive, 6-speed semi automatic paddle shift is paired with a 5.2 litre V10 engine generating 570 horsepower @ 8000 rpm and about 400 ft/lbs of torque @ 6500 rpm. What makes this car truly unique is the chassis, body, driveshaft and suspension components are all made of carbon fiber reducing the overall weight to a mere 999 kilograms (2,202 lbs), a comparable weight to subcompact cars. This gives the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento a very strong power to weight ratio. Lamborghini claims that the Lamborghini Elemento has an acceleration time of 0-62 mph (0-100km/h) in just 2.5 seconds.

As for the interior, Lamborghini kept it simple with this one. It has only the basic comforts such as air-car stereo and air-conditioning. There are no actual seats in the Lamborghini Elemento. The shape of the interior runs with the body of the car, with pads set in the carbon fiber tub. This not only reduces weight (which was the main objective with this car) but also give the driver and real sense of the road, feeling everything the car feels.

Lamborghini teamed up with the Boeing company to perfect the design of the Lamborghini Elemento. Almost every single panel on the exterior was made from carbon fiber. The wheels are completely made of carbon fiber and the exhaust system is made of Pyrosic (a headproof glass material). And as if that wasn’t enough, there is a racing-type quick-refueling system. The rear end is open, giving a clear view of the transmission and Pyrosic exhaust system.


This sensational car, with its 5.2 L V10 engine allows 5,204cm3 of displacement, with 80.5 kW per liter. The air is released through 10 different holes in the engine cover, and cool air is funneled by two intakes into the mid mounted engine compartment.

Price and Release Date

The Lamborghini Sesto Elemento was unveiled in 2010 at the Paris Motor Show, and produced only 20 cars with the price of the Sesto Elemento ranges from $2.2 million to $2.9 million.


Top 5 Qualities Of A Good Driving School

sfaTrained and qualified drivers are very important on the roads because they have the necessary skills to drive safe and keep avoidable accidents minimal. Driving may look like a very simple thing to do, but there are so many things that need to play out for the roads to be safe enough. The driving school you choose for your driving classes can determine how qualified and ready you are for the road by the time your course is over. To be the best you must train with the best and there are qualities that every driving school should have to produce exceptional drivers.

1. Fully equipped facility – This is one of the most important qualities of a driving school because without the necessary materials, it would be impossible to complete the course and tests. A good driving school should be up to date with the latest technology and have the relevant training materials. It should also have a designated area where learners can navigate as they practice what has been taught in class.

2. Professional instructors – It is one thing to have all materials needed for the classes and quite another not to have qualified instructors to guide the learners through. A good driving school is one that has a combination of good facilities and professional instructors. The instructors should focus more on an engaging learning process so they students have a sense of responsibility in getting the knowledge that they need to become excellent drivers.

3. Comprehensive driving lessons – The best driving lessons should touch on theory, skills training and proper practical driving test. Theory tests help learners assess knowledge of lessons taught and help the instructors analyze everything before going to the next stage. Skills training is also very important because it gives the learners a chance to hone their skills, especially when it comes to driving maneuvers; it prepares them for the actual driving test that will fetch successful learners their licenses. With the comprehensive lessons, by the time leaners get to practical driving test, they are ready and confident and have increased chances of being successful.

4. Flexible lesson timings – Leaners are not always available all at the same time and it is up to the driving schools to create lesson schedules that match with the students’ availability. Good driving schools create slots in different times during the day so that all interested learners are able to learn when it is most convenient for them. Flexible lessons and a team of instructors ensure that no learner has to wait too long before completing their driving courses.

5. Reasonable pricing – Top notch driving lessons do not always translate into high prices. Whereas it is not expected that a good driving school with the right materials will offer very cheap driving lessons, the pricing for the same should be nominal so that all interested learners can benefit from the services offered. There are various factors that can affect the pricing for the lessons, but you should ensure that you get the most reasonable rates.


Efficiency-Boosting Features of Wheel Loaders

adA multifunctional wheel loader is a significant member in the family of construction machinery. Such vehicles easily perform both handling and transportation duties. Its flexibility comes from an all wheel drive mechanism (which is responsible for high mobility) and a wide range of attachments.

The machine is designed in such a way that external factors, e.g. severe climate conditions, can hardly influence its capabilities. The articulated frame allows the vehicle to cope with all kinds of terrain. The driving body, the cab and the attached equipment – all together move in the same direction, providing thus a good level of maneuverability. Pneumatic wheels guarantee unconstrained traveling around one or between several sites. But the tyres require special attention, as they are exposed to intense pressure while the bucket is performing digging operations. To protect the tyres and prolong its durability, the wheels can be covered with special chains (the choice of an appropriate modification depends on the necessary safety degree).

Loaders of a wheeled type boast unique operation patterns, where the wheels are used as much as the hydraulics. This distinctive peculiarity is in charge of huge gains in fuel efficiency. The newly developed wheel loaders feature a hydrostatic transmission, which contributes to additional fuel economy. This kind of drivetrain serves a purpose of rapid and continuous acceleration, regardless the engine speed. As a result, the engine runs slower, increasing fuel cuts and preserving hydraulic performance.

Apart from an advanced transmission system, it’s possible to stock a wheel loader with a range of user-selectable performance settings such as telematics and sensors. Their combination provides real-time technical data as well as its control (as in case of wheel slip). Consequently, operating the machine and manipulating its equipment is not difficult to learn and handle. On the one hand, all the high-tech implements help to reduce the dependence from operator’s skill. But on the other one, the operator’s expertise still means a lot no matter how modern a loader is. The difference between a highly trained operator and one with lesser skills is always apparent.

The versatility of this machinery type refers not only to its beneficial hardware but also to a wide choice of the models, including the lineup of compact versions. The use of lighter wheel loaders is reasonable in case of small and narrow areas, when the job does not require heavy loads. The transportation of compact loaders is easily performed by loading it on the platform of a big truck.

It’s obvious that to take the above-mentioned advantages of a wheel loader, it should be in running order. The choice of any specialized vehicle implies dealing with experienced and reliable sellers, while the operation requires regular maintenance checks, performed by service center professionals with proper diagnostic equipment.


Some Tips to Get Your G Road Test Driving License

aIt takes at least 24 months to complete G1 and G2 licenses, and 20 months for an individual that passed an approved driver education course. You have the maximum limit of two years to finish, or your current license will expire, and you’ll have to start all over again.

To get started, a copy of the official ministry of transportation driver’s handbook would be needed; this is the guide for details on learning to drive rules of the road, safe driving practices and how to get your license. Before getting the G1 license, knowing the rules of the road and its signals is important. The handbook will prepare you for the G1 knowledge test.

The site will guide you through all you need to take with you to the test, which includes two pieces of acceptable ID and the fee. And if you had glasses, make sure to go along with them because there would be a vision test and a picture for the license.

Some tips to get your G road test booking Ontario driving license

On the day of the trial:

• Ask the driving instructor to take a practice before the test.

• It is ideal to be friendly with the examiner; making a greeting breaks the ice before the test.

And during the trial;

• Check your mirror often during the test; make sure there’s no car tailgating you.

Blind spots: Check your blind spots when you intend to make a turn, and then show the direction.

Maintain your Speed Limit: Drive between 40 to 50 km/hr. In downtown and follow the speed limit when you are about to enter a school zone.

Stop sign: Make a complete stop at the line or the corner of a crosswalk or the edge of the road.

For the G license, you must demonstrate to be able to drive properly on any highway. If you have a car behind, don’t let your speed exceed that time. Otherwise, the examiner could interpret that you were entering very slowly.

Along the highway, reduce the speed rate to the flow of vehicles, even if they are at a higher speed limit. Otherwise, if you are going slower than the other, it can be considered a risk to other vehicles. When asked to change lanes (which can happen several times) to signal in advance, check the blind spot, and avoid sudden movements with the tiller.

Finally, when you leave the highway slow down gradually on the ramp and put the turn signal as respective see painted on the road marking arrows which directions will each lane. So, in the driving test preparation is the key to success.